Choose and Cut


The annual Christmas Tree “Choose-and-Cut” season at the Nieman Tree Farm begins in  mid November.

Visiting our Christmas Tree Farm, where you select your own tree, is a memorable experience.

Select and Cut Christmas Trees

  • We have a great selection of Fraser Fir available to cut, including a few White Pine,
  • White Fir and Blue Spruce
  • Sizes range from 6 feet to 12 feet and up.
  • As far as we are able to determine, we have the only Kentucky grown Fraser Fir.
  • We sell only trees grown on our farm
  • We will gladly cut and load your tree for you – you merely need to select it.
  • You are welcome to cut your own tree if you wish – we will tie it up, provide a saw, and
    load it.

Pre-Tagging Service – many of our customers do this

  • You are invited to come to our farm in October and November, when the weather is pleasant, to select your tree.
  • We will tag it and cut it just prior to the date you select to pick it up.
  • Call Tom at 859-552-3532 or email at

Balled and Burlapped Trees – to plant in your yard after Christmas

  • Norway Spruce – the best tree for planting
  • White Fir
  • White Pine
  • To assure that the tree you select is as fresh as possible, we do not dig a tree until it is selected. When the tree is dug you can pick it up.

Caring for your tree

  • A Christmas tree should be healthy and well-shaped with a straight trunk. It should have pliable needles, a great fragrance and good color.
  • If you get your tree several days before it is to be brought in and decorated, we advise placing it outside in the shade, on a covered porch, or in an unheated garage.
  • Place the tree in water as soon as possible as water is crucial for keeping it fresh.
  • Keep the tree in water, and refill the container daily – some trees may absorb as much as two quarts a day.

Get In Touch

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