How To Find Nieman Tree Farm
The Environmentally Friendly Choice
5100 Sulphur Lane, Lexington, KY 40509  -  (859)-263-4535  -
We are located at 5100 Sulphur Lane in Lexington, Kentucky.  Use the map below by placing
your starting address in the text box, and then click the "Go" button.  This will provide you with
directions straight to Nieman
Tree Farm from wherever you are!
From Man O’War Blvd., go east on Todds Rd., it is located between Richmond Rd. and
Hamburg Mall., You will cross over I-75, continue on for 1 ½ miles.  Sulphur Lane is on the
right and the Tree Farm is on the right just down the road a bit.

The location shown on google
maps is not exactly right. We
are located on Sulphur Lane
(due west of location shown
on google map) and not
Sulphur Well Rd.
October - November

November Cutting Hours
Sat-Sun (12-13)(19-20)
9AM - Dark
(23- 25-26-27)
9AM - Dark
December Cutting Hours
9AM - Dark
3PM - Dark

If these times do not work for
you call Tom at 859-552-3532
for an appointment. We will
try to accommodate you.